Be able to offer fair and competitive insurance policies
because you know exactly your financial risk!

The digital world is developing rapidly and with it, cyber security risks are increasing exponentially. Damages can quickly run into the millions. As an insurance company, you are faced with an immense challenge. How can you ensure that your policies are always up to date and at the same time offer competitive prices?

The Challenge

Cyber security insurance is essential, but often expensive. This is often due to a lack of understanding of a company's specific cyber risk.

Our Solution

Our expertise enables us to perform in-depth software scans. We identify and assess risks and disclose vulnerabilities. But that's not all. We also offer companies a catalog of measures, to raise their IT-Security standards.

Alerting Service

As a special Highlight we offer an alerting service. Companies that have been scanned by us are later informed immediately as soon as new critical vulnerabilities arise, that affect them. This service ensures that companies can act proactively and protect their systems in a timely manner , which in turn reduces the risk of insurance payouts..

Your competitive advantage

Thanks to our analysis and alerting service, you can always offer policies that are precisely tailored to the actual risk . You are thus always one step ahead of the competition and can offer fair prices..

Advantages for the company to be insured

In addition to a fair policy , the company benefits from our catalog of measures and the alerting service, to meet current IT security and compliance requirements, such as OpenChain-2.1.

Our partnership

We would like to be your partner to be consulted when you make an offer The company bears our costs_in the process. It is an investment in their own safety and in a fair insurance policy.

1. Analysis

What is used where? What is vulnerable? What is insured?

2. Consulting

How big is the risk? What measures are required?

3. Alerting Service

Information on day-to-day risks and recommended countermeasures.

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  • Advantage for your customers: More security, better conditions

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